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My name is Sam and I like metal and cats.
I also read and draw occasionally.

The Lord is not my shepherd, for I am not a sheep.

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"Revenge is a dish best served cold" - Old Klingon proverb.

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Anonymous said: Do you get a set of brushes when you start working at sephora? Or how does that work? They take them out of your pay check?

I haven’t received a brush belt yet because I’m not yet fully in colour. Because i didn’t have experience doing makeup on others they put my on cash while they start to train me.

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Anonymous said: Do you work at Sephora? If so, did you need to have any sort of education to be considered for the job? I would love to work at a Sephora but I don't know if I need to have a cosmetics degree of some sort ... Thank you :)

Nope. If they want to put you in colour you just need to have experience doing makeup on other people. No formal training.

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I literally just went from aw to wtf.


there was this big uproar over a character from paranormal being gay, so what do they do? next movie, they make a commercial that THROWS THE GAY IN YOUR FACE. They’re literally not being subtle at all about their queer representation and I fucking love them for it

Throw the gay in your face is perhaps the best thing I’ve heard all week.

I want to see this so bad!

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Were selfie #sephora

Were selfie #sephora

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Anonymous said: How are you and your boyfriend? :)

We’re doing really well! Living together has been a dream so far and I love him more each day.

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Anonymous said: How long did it take for your innerconch to heal? I have mine almost a year and it's being a bitch..

They can be icky to heal. Mine still gets irritated at times and was definitely still sensitive after a year.

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